Hex To Decimal


Silicon Laboratories .HEX to .SVF  v.1 22

Silicon Laboratories .HEX to .SVF Conversion Utility is a performance analysis tool.Its a very easy to use program.

IP to Decimal X  v.1.0

IP to Decimal is a small utility for converting IP Addresses (i.


Decimal Counter  v.1.0

Decimal Counter is an easy to use, fully featured counter for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion & After Effects.

Hexprobe Hex Editor  v.3.0

A professional hex editor for manipulating binary files. Key features are: 1.View, search, and edit any file of any size easily and quickly. Import/export C, HTML and formatted text. Convert hex to dec or dec to hex. 2.Find in disk/drive and

HEXwrite  v.1.0.7

Normally users work with decimal number formats. But sometimes users for some technical, research and educational purpose have to work in different number formats like ASCII, HEX, binary and many more.

BitByte Calculator  v.1.00

The Digitas - freeware 32 bit binary, hex and decimal calculator.

ColorPix  v.1. 5. 2017

Color codes are show as the cursor is moved in the ColorPix window. A cursor click displays the color code in web Hex and decimal Red, Green, Blue, along with the color compliment.

TextCalc  v.

TextCalc is a very useful and powerful program that allows you to write and solve advanced problems. Its main advantage is its text editor where you can write different expressions, solve them, and make annotations all in the same window.

Comm Echo  v.

Comm Echo is a free debug tool for serial port (RS232), TCP/IP and UDP port communication. It works like an echo wall for serial port, TCP/IP sever, TCP/IP client and UDP. It displays all received data in Text, Hex or Decimal format.

BinHexDec32 converter  v.

BinHexDec32 converter can convert binary, hex and decimal values. The software supports 8,

HEXwriter  v.1.0.7

HEXwriter is a free ASCII to HEX Converter, plain and simple ASCII to HEX and HEX to ASCII tool. This ASCII to HEX and vice-versa tool is ideal for short HEX translations, nothing fancy intended.HEXwriter Features: 1. Immediate conversion of Keyboard

Binary Convertor  v.

A simple converter which convert decimal number to Binary and binary to decimal.

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